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Youtube SEO

October 9, 2011, Written by 0 comment

You have surely heard of the impact of Youtube and other social networks as far as internet marketing is concerned. Video marketing through websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Break and others has increased very rapidly during the recent few years. Being an increasingly growing video sharing website, it is obvious that many SEO Experts and website owners are most interested into marketing their videos on Youtube.

Youtube Videos in Google Search

Very often, even though not able to rank our website for a given keywords, trying the same keywords using videos does the job. However, it is not the website that gets ranked but the Youtube video. This is because now Google also includes some relevant Youtube videos in its search results.

Youtube Marketing

The question has been raised among many website owners as to how to market on Youtube. As all community websites, Youtube can be used to create an online community of friends and subscribers with the same interest as your targeted niche market and help introduce them to your products and services using interesting videos which is a great way to driving targeted visitors to your website. Sometime you may think that creating such videos to be showed on Youtube could be very costly. Yes it is if you want create professional videos or animations. However, with today’s advanced technology, using a simple mobile phone with a camera will do the job. Just record yourself giving some good tips or an informational speech that will interest those who would be watching. If the viewers see that you are providing them with useful information and tips, they will surely visit your website trying to know more about you and what you explained in your videos hence driving visitors to the website using Youtube videos.

Youtube/Video SEO Tips

As per the nature of SEO, relevancy and uniqueness is a must if we want to see great results. So, it is important to firstly research and select a good keyword phrase that has low competition and to include it in your title, description and tags of the video you are uploading. Optimizing all these information will help rank your video better in Youtube search but also in Google search results. This way, people viewing the video will most probably click on the link to your website which you should include in the video description area.

YouTube and Video Marketing is definitely growing and many website owners are now relying on YouTube for traffic.