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Optimization (SEO) Done Right

May 9, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Search Engine Optimization done right can improve your website’s ranking in the search results leading in more traffic to your website. However, SEO not done carefully could cause irreversible harm to your online project. Once the harm is done, it’s very often impossible to fix anything after.

Optimizing Your Website Properly

As far as the Search Engine Optimization of a website is concerned, it is always good to start the right way. This is done by firstly optimizing the coding of the website’s pages by building the right html structure. This might not be an easy job for non-technical people when it comes to re-coding part of the a web page to meet SEO standards. Moreover, it will be even more difficult and tricky to do this with a dynamic website like WordPress or other CMS.

Once the structure is re-coded properly, you can move on with the next steps of your search engine optimization project.

SEO Plugins For WordPress

Using Plugins is great to easily add features and SEO capabilities to websites built in WordPress. However, this will be of little use if the coding structure is not carefully done first as mentioned above. Plugins like Yoast SEO or All-in-one SEO Pack are simply great but they are mainly focused on content optimization. So, here’s my suggestions listed in priority order:

  • Coding Structure Optimization
  • Website Loading Speed Optimization
  • Content Optimization

Coding Structure Optimization

We have just talked about the importance of optimizing your code structure earlier in this article which is your first and top priority in your SEO project.

Website Loading Speed

This is another important aspect of SEO that shouldn’t be neglected. It has now become an integral part of any optimization project for both Search Engines and Visitors. People are no more patient to wait for your website to load if it is taking too long and therefore the reason why you website will not rank nicely if it fails this step. So, you will need a fast loading website if you want your SEO Campaign to be successful. Needless to say that there are a couple of different things that we need to carefully select to achieve the desired results; a fast loading website! This includes selecting the right web hosting provider with the right hosting plan, the right website style/structure or the right template/theme if using WordPress or other CMS. Even though many people tend to focus on the visual aspects of a website, I believe that there should be a balance between what is beautiful and what is actually needed.

In one sentence we could say:

I want a website that is well optimized and look at least good
I don’t want a great looking website that is poorly optimized

Optimizing Quality Content

First, always publish quality content on your website. Whether pages or blog posts, unique content is crucial. Avoid copying other website’s content to avoid duplicate content on your site. Using automated software to generate articles is not recommended and should be avoided at all cost!

Once you have written or have got someone to create your unique content, it is now time to optimize it before publishing.

If all of the above have been completed successfully with care, you can sit back and relax as your targeted keywords start to appear and rank better and better in the search engines results pages.