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Search Engine Market Share

October 4, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Having written several articles related to Search Engines and SEO recently, I have found it important to write a little bit about the Search Engine Market Share. I believe that this will help you understand and plan accordingly while trying to get your website on first page. This can be the first page of Google, Yahoo first page or the other search engines. A good idea of each search engine market share will also give you an idea of the estimated number of visitors you could expect from your optimization efforts and targets.

What is Search Engine Market Share?

This term ‘Search Engine Market Share‘ refers to the percentage of search results delivered by search engines respectively. Even though there exists a number of search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask remain the top ones. Let us now have quick look of how the search results and visitors are delivered by these main engines.

Google Market Share

When speaking about search engines, search results, SEO and related, it is impossible to not mention Google. It is a known fact that Google is the number one search engines that delivers most search results being the one most used throughout the world. Based on recent statistics, Google handles and delivers around 70% of search results. Who follows?

Yahoo Search Engine Market Share

Needless to say that Yahoo is just behind Google in terms of search engine market share. However, the difference is remarkable and Yahoo, as a search engine competitor represents no threat really to Google with a search engine market share of around 14%. We could say that Google is well-secured with its 70% search engine share.

Bing Search Engine Market Share

Bing, search engine previously known as MSN and owned by Microsoft is behind Yahoo with a market share of around 9%. Now, with the agreement made between Yahoo and Bing, the future of these two search engines and the results they deliver could just be improved. Could it then become a danger for their competitor Google?
I don’t think so! But we never know!

Ask and Other Search Engines

Ask only handles around 2% of the market share. Due to this minor share, most will not be interested in targeting Ask Search Engine for SEO. The rest of the search engine market share and search results are delivered by numerous and less-known search engines.

Search Engine Market Share and SEO

I think that a good understanding of the market share as outlined above is important in doing our SEO as it is obvious that targeting other search engines than Google and Yahoo for low searched keywords could be a waste of time and effort for almost no results.

I hope that this writing will help you out somehow in your SEO efforts.