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Web Design Mauritius

June 4, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Web Designing and Website Creation have evolved in Mauritius in the last couple of years. Web Design Mauritius is becoming more and more demanding from both Mauritian Business owners as well as website owners from other countries. One of the main reason is that prices are lower and people can get their website for cheaper. Compared to countries like the UK or France, website developers cost much less as well as SEO Experts. Thus, you can get SEO Mauritius & Web Design Services at more affordable prices.

Web Design Companies

There are a lot of web design companies in Mauritius. Some are owned by local business owners whereas some are offshore companies that outsourced projects to their own locally incorporated firm. Local companies will more likely to offer their services to local clients and thus offering a fair price. However, based on the client’s request, prices may vary.

Foreign business owners will tend to only offer their services to clients in their very own country as they will have their digital marketing team working in their own country and then the acquired projects outsourced to Mauritius. In the end, it will be Mauritian Web Designers and Developers doing the job. The reason for outsourcing is of course cheaper labour.

Who To Choose For Your Web Design Project?

If you are from Mauritius and looking for web design services, who will you choose to design and create your website?

You will normally have two choices:

  1. A reliable Web Design Company
  2. A reliable Freelance Web Designer

Let us now have a quick look at some pros and cons when choosing one of the two options for your projects.

Selecting a web design company to do your website will normally cost a little higher than choosing a freelance developer. This is obvious as companies operate at a cost. However, it is more trustworthy as the company will usually prepare a contract prior to starting your work. So, if anything would happen, you do have signed contract which you may use to either get your money back or get your website project completed within time-frame.

The above are the disadvantages of hiring a freelance designer to do your job. However, the good news are that you will benefit cheaper price and you will be able to deal wit the Designer directly. This will surely eliminate a lot of confusion if going through a middleman as it would normally be the case when opting for a company to handle your project.

Creating Your Own Website

This is the third and most selected options by small and emerging businesses. They will try to do their website by themselves to avoid extra cost. As far as cost is concerned, it will be the lowest among all the options. If you don’t know how to code; you know almost nothing about web designing; this is no more an issue. There are a couple of websites that will allow you to create your website from scratch with no prior coding knowledge required. The interface offered is very easy with simply drag and drop functionalities making it as easy for non-expert to create their sites. One of the most common site offering such website creation features is

Final Word

Is it a good way to go creating your own website without any web design knowledge and expertise?

My answer to this is a big “NO” ! Why so? Let me explain…

Even though it seems to be a great and cost-effective idea, there are a couple of other things that you should be aware of. Sites creation using software will usually render a lot of unnecessary line of codes that are useless and that will make your website to load slower than it should. The worst of it is that it will affect your Search Engine Optimization badly. Such crap code will cost you enormously in the end even though your site might look awesome visually.

My advise as an experienced Web Coder, SEO Consultant and a Certified Internet Web Professional is to hire a skillful person to do your work. Sometimes, we need to forget about the cost if we want to obtain quality. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to spend some extra bucks to get a decent and well-coded website design job done. It will pay in the end!

Web Design Mauritius Offer

Being a Professional Web Coder building only cleanly coded and search engine optimized websites, I am happy to offer a 10% discount to all those in Mauritius looking for a website. This offer is valid for any kind of website you plan to build whether a personal or business website, an e-commerce site or other web portal or blogs.

Simply call or email me and ask for your discount.