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SEO Mauritius

November 17, 2016, Written by 0 comment

SEO Mauritius is now becoming more and more of a concern to website owners, particularly website owners in Mauritius as per the subject of this article and this is why I am from time to time trying to update this page a little just to give you some updates regarding SEO Services and Web Services in general.

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The truth of the matter is that SEO (Mauritius or any other targeted country) remains the solid foundation of a website’s success. Some people tend to focus on other traffic sources like social medias, blogs or forums which are all good methods of driving traffic to a website but without a good optimization of the site itself, your success will be limited.

SEO is mainly concerned with everything on-page or on-site. It is not only adding some meta tags and some keywords as many so-called SEO Experts pretend. There is a whole lot of tasks which require skills and expertise in various aspects that should be handled with care to be able to deliver quality optimization work.

The term SEO Mauritius is a simple phrase we adopted for our package focusing on Mauritian website owners’ project as we work with clients from all around the world.

The SEO Mauritius package* is custom prepared based on your website’s requirement and amount of work required and this includes but is not limited to:
on-page optimization, off-site seo, trust rating, site reputation, viral marketing, article marketing, bulk emailing and other related internet marketing strategies.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote and we will revert back promptly.

* We surely offer a specially discounted price for SEO Mauritius Package clients.

Website Trafficz is currently on another new SEO Mauritius Project for a company based in Mauritius looking to the optimization of his website for an international market. We are successfully into it and getting satisfactory results since just 3 weeks. So, we know our duties and we know our subject! Start your SEO Success with us too!

Website Optimization Services for Mauritian websites or SEO Mauritius or Référencement Web Maurice is still a competitive niche if you are only to target Mauritius as your market compared to competing SEO on an international level. However, if you are looking forward to drive in more foreign visitors to your website or even driving Mauritian traffic, you will still have to invest some good knowledge, skills and time into optimizing your site to rank well. The big issue regarding Mauritius and the World Wide Web including SEO is that many of the businesses and companies are not yet advanced enough to make the best out of all the available online services and might take some good number of years to get to this point.

SEO and Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing/Social Media Marketing Mauritius
During the recent couple of years, it has been noted that several Mauritian companies, especially those in the tourism industry, has been investing in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing services  in general in their quest for further business and reaching out to clients around the world. This is definitely a great starting point but since SEO and all related tasks require a quite important amount of money, these firms can only afford to start their marketing effort and let go of everything along the way before expected results are achieved. Moreover, since most of these websites are not well automated to handle visitors’ requests and online payments conveniently, many potential clients will prefer to move along with more automated companies. We are moving in a world of technology where people want everything quick and easy.

Many of these firms are now trying to expand their businesses using Social Media Marketing (SMM) like Facebook and Twitter by themselves to avoid paying large sum of money to companies for their SEO/SEM/SMM.

SEO Companies in Mauritius

Here’s the big question: Do we have reliable SEO firms in Mauritius?
Being an Advanced SEO Consultant and a Mauritian at the same time, I guess I am eligible to answer this hard question.

Many so-called SEO Experts worldwide are just people who have heard of it, did some Google searches and read some SEO related books and articles but have not really gotten their hands in the real world experience of what SEO and Internet Marketing is all about. The knowledge and the application of SEO can simply NOT be compared. Thus, it is the same here. Since companies and individuals have to come up with some kind of innovations to survive their businesses, SEO has been their answer. Most of those Web Design firms are now offering SEO Packages and PPC Campaigns. But, here’s another question: Can they deliver without prior hand-on experience ???

The Evolution and Changes in SEO

Search Engine Optimization, most commonly known as SEO among both techie and non-techie people and SEO Mauritius among Mauritians, has now evolved so much and so quickly that a lot have not been able to cope with. Google Algorithms keep on changing and if SEO Experts cannot stay up-to-date, their career in this field will surely be affected.

Before going any further, let’s go back to the beginning of SEO and how this world of Search Engine Optimization started and evolved.

SEO In The Past – Optimizing your website

Around 10-12 years ago, SEO was a very new subject among Web Professional. Due to the increasing number of websites being created, there was a need among websites in the same niche to face their competitors and stay at the top. At that time, optimization of websites was something completely different to what it is now. If you’ve paid attention to my writing above, you will notice that I have not yet mentioned anything about social medias or internet marketing. Why so?

The Simplicity of Search Engine Optimization

The answer is simple!

There was no such need at that very time. So, you might be asking yourself how SEO was. Well, very simple and headache-free! All you had to do was to optimize your website. Funny enough – the term ‘optimize your website’ had a different meaning. Well, it did not mean cleaning your coding, researching your keywords, analyzing your competitors, be present on Social Media sites and the whole list that scrolls without ending which is what we have in mind when talking about SEO today. For all Mauritian website owners; remember that it is that same for SEO Mauritius.

Optimizing your website‘ at that time simply means adding some relevant keywords throughout your pages to even overdoing (keyword stuffing) and your website was on the first page of Google within a couple of weeks. Yes, believe it or not, it was that simple! If ever you had fierce competition; and I mean huge competition; and your website was not able to hit the first page – NO WORRY – just get some backlinks and you’ll be fine. You can now see why so many still believe that a lot of backlinks to their websites will boost their ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). My friend, these good old days are gone for good. Stuffing keywords, creating backlinks and a bunch of the other SEO techniques are no more relevant in modern SEO. Most of these SEO Methods are now considered as spammy techniques and might kill your optimization efforts.

Experience in the World of SEO

I’m really so glad to have started in the Search Engine Optimization world since the very beginning. This has allowed me to gather past and present experiences to better understand how SEO has evolved and what is working and not working anymore.

Let me tell you this:

If you will apply the old traditional methods of doing SEO – You will surely FAIL! Even worse; it could place your website in a position where it won’t recover again.

In my next writing, I will dig a little deeper and explain some up-to-date SEO Strategies you can apply in your optimization project.