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Bum/Article Marketing Strategy

October 24, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Articles’ websites or articles directories have been around for quite some time and many internet/affiliate marketers have been using good article marketing strategies to help promote their products and services. Needless to say that there are always people who abuse of those good resources through spamming. Here, I would like to outline how to make proper use of articles and how to use good articles to promote your products and services, the right way. Let’s have a look at the right strategy to use to market through articles. Articles Marketing is also commonly known as Bum Marketing.

Article Marketing Tactics to use

It is important to know and to understand that ‘article marketing‘ is not another opportunity to spam your content around the web. It is actually a great method to provide useful information related to the same niche market as the products/services you are trying to promote. Writing articles has nothing to do with advertising. So, don’t write about just your products but rather give informational and interesting tips, ideas and other resources related to your products. The only promotional area of a good ‘Article Marketer‘ within an article is the ‘resource box‘. If you want to be a good Article Marketer, please never stuff links or information that won’t interest the readers into the content of your article.

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The Resource Box of Articles

What is the ‘resource box‘ in an article and how to make the best use of it?

The ‘resource box’ acts as your signature to the article. It is located at the very bottom and can be used to insert your products or affiliate links along with some information. Using the resource box will help into not distracting your readers’ attention while they are reading the article. If you place links and promotional information into the content, your readers will feel like you are only marketing your stuffs and this alone will make them flee. Providing great article content will however make them love your writings and hence they will willingly click and visit the links found in your resource box. You article should help gaining the readers’ trust.

Article Directories – Ezines and others

By now, you should be asking where to publish your articles. Well, there are a lot of places you can do so. It could be on your own blog as well as on other person’s blogs or websites or on well-know article directories. The most common one being Ezine articles – At Ezine articles, they really maintain and allow only quality articles and the site is a well-reputed and respected one. If one of your articles get to be featured on Ezine, you can expect a good amount of traffic to your links in the resource box.

To sum up, never use article directories for spamming and always write and publish quality articles. Also, don’t stuff in links or keywords throughout the content but rather make good use of the resource box. Articles Marketing is a great tool if you use the right Article Marketing Strategy!