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SEO Project (Mauritius)

May 24, 2015, Written by 0 comment

It’s been a while since I last write you something due to my busy schedule with divers SEO and other web projects for both Mauritius and international clients. So, now I’m back with a quick update of my latest SEO Project for a Mauritian company. For privacy reasons, I will not disclose the company name nor its area of operation.

This company has been incorporated in Mauritius for years with its website in operation since 10 years. However, no sales were coming from the website at all. Can you imagine? Having a website for ten years; paying for your domain and hosting accounts for 10 years without making any sale from it! This is definitely a waste of resources. Moreover, the number of daily visitors was an average of just 3. This was the state of the website when I was called to handle its SEO. The owner of this company actually find my contact details on the website and send me a message via the contact form which I replied promptly. After that, he called me and we arranged to meet so we could discuss his SEO project in details.

The SEO Work Behind

When I looked at the website, I was quite good looking (not that bad) but as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned – a complete mess!

Believe me or not, the analysis of the website itself took me around two weeks. During this time, I started looking for coding errors, searching for the right keyword phrases, analyzing the competitors and all the related time-consuming seo stuffs! The amount of work I needed to handle was far more than we I was receiving as payment.

Many people believe that SEO is a quick and easy job! Yes, it is for the so-called SEO Experts who don’t really know what SEO is really about. But the real deal is so much work behind and that is why real SEO Professionals charge so much. However, the end results worth the investment.

SEO with Results

Back to the SEO Project I was talking about; it literally took around 5-6 weeks to start showing results. During this time, the owner of the website was very sceptic and fearful that he was investing in vain. I had to continually re-assure him that we were on the right track. I had to work a lot on the website; optimizing the titles, the pages, the coding and get the site to meet industry standards. Even though it took me a line to write this, the actual work took days and nights and weeks – but it pays.

Once results started coming and people sending request via the website; it keeps coming.

So, if your business is suffering from online business; look no further – we have the knowledge and expertise to help boost up your business online.

One important thing I forgot to mention is that the website I am speaking of is one in a very very and very competitive niche but we break it through!


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