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Internet Speed Test

October 27, 2015, Written by 0 comment

Internet Speed Test, which was not as important a couple of years ago has now proven to be something very demanding in our everyday life. Why are we all so concerned about our internet speed and why do we want to test our connections?

The internet has become part of our daily life. More and more information, products, services and entertainment are available through online media. People need the internet for work purposes, for watching a movie, searching in google or even shopping. This means that the faster our internet speed, the better is our online experience.

Internet Service Providers in Mauritius

Internet Service Providers have improved a lot during the recent years in terms of technologies and performance as well as prices and services. One of the main reason behind is surely the increasing number of competitors. Here, I’m talking specifically about Mauritius. ISPs like Orange (Mauritius Telecom), Emtel, MTML or Bharat Telecom are all trying to provide their best possible services in order to stand within the competition. Whether wired or wireless, Mauritian Internet Subscribers are all concerned about the speed of their internet connection while being online. So, regardless of their ISP, subscribers just want to know if they are getting what they are paying for.

Internet Speed Test Online Or Software

Anyone paying for a 2mbps internet connection will not be happy if he is only getting 0.5mbps or even 1mbps. We want to get what we are paying for. So, how do we know how fast is our internet speed? How do we test our internet speed?

Internet Speed Test Software exists. We can easily get either a free software or a paid one online, download it, install it on our computer and do a speed test. The disadvantages of doing so is that either we will have to spend some bucks buying the internet test software or go for a free version which normally comes with annoying advertising and possible malware. So, my recommendation is to forget about the software and go for an online internet speed test website. In this case, you will have no need to install anything. Just go to the website and start the test. No download, no upload, no install!

The best site to go for your internet speed test is Their online application is first of all free and at the same time safe to use. The speed test is quite simple. You only need to launch the website in the internet browser of your computer or mobile device and hit the ‘start’ button. Wait till the test is complete and the results will be displayed on the next screen. The time it should take for a test should not exceed 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The outcome of the test will be very informative and will include your actual internet download speed and upload speed. You may do the test several times to confirm your connection speed which you may then compare to what you are subscribed to with your Internet Service Provider. If you are not getting the right speed, call them and ask them to fix it.

I hope that my writing about how to do an internet speed test will help you discover the truth about your connection speed and feel free to contact me if you need further advices.