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SEO in 2020

SEO in 2020! Isn’t it an interesting subject to discuss? Needless to say that this is something that will bring the attention of mostly Business Owners and Online Entrepreneurs....

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May 5, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Digital Marketing Mauritius

“Digital Marketing Mauritius“ is a term that has commonly been searched for recently by people looking for digital marketing services and/or digital marketing agencies online. This subject has been...

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March 14, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Web Design Mauritius

Web Designing and Website Creation have evolved in Mauritius in the last couple of years. Web Design Mauritius is becoming more and more demanding from both Mauritian Business owners...

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June 4, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Increase Views on Youtube

Many are concerned about getting a lot of views on their newly uploaded video. This is surely awesome having created and published a nice video on YouTube but the...

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December 21, 2012, Written by 0 comment

Free Plagiarism Checker

I would like to have a word about what Online Plagiarism is and why is it something important for us to understand in all our SEO efforts to get...

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December 20, 2012, Written by 0 comment

Mauritius SEO

I just want to quickly update you about how things are going for me within the last couple of weeks as far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for customers...

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September 10, 2012, Written by 0 comment

Simon Walshe, Australia

I have worked with several freelance web service providers but the thing that makes Elizer different is his communication. Elizer is a professional when it comes to his craft...

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June 30, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Cary Ellis, United States – Founder (Online Publishing Academy)

We were thrilled with the reliable, efficient work of Elizer ( enhancing our web presence and attractiveness to our potential customers. —

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June 27, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Angela Scargill, United Kingdom – Director (IT Charters Ltd)

Elizer has worked with me over many months on this same project helping me with odd coding, design and structure issues. My website is international and so image and...

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June 27, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Gyorfi Szilard, Romania – Founder/CEO (BlueFx)

Elizer has helped us go from position 10 to position 5 for a very competitive niche. This happen almost instantly (less than 4 days) after he optimized our website....

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June 15, 2011, Written by 0 comment