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What Makes A Good Website?

December 1, 2011, Written by 0 comment

All website and business owners want to own a good website and are working hard along with their web designers and coders to achieve this goal. But, what really are the characteristics of a good website? This is what we are about to discuss in this article: What makes a good website?

There are several factors that are determinant into saying that a website is a good one. Here, I will point out the three main aspects of a website that will make it a good website. All three of them are extremely important and needs to be taken care of when building a website. Already built and published websites can also be modified and tweaked to make them good websites. So, before we will get into ‘what makes a good website‘, let’s first have a look at what makes a bad website

What makes a bad website?

In addition to the three aspects mentioned, there are some other issues that could make a bad website where visitors won’t be interested in being on the website. These three elements that determine what makes a good or a bad website are; Layout & Design, Clean Coding and Reliable Hosting.

The Layout & Design of a website is very important. To make it interesting for your visitors, you will need to have a clean and non-confusing layout as well as a nice interface. Moreover, a simple navigational structure to make it easy to navigate through the pages is a must.

Clean Website Coding is essential both for visitors and search engines. Clean coding not only makes your website more SEO-friendly and easily index-able by the search engines but will also help it loads faster when visitors try to access the different pages.

Reliable Web Hosting, often not take into consideration by many is also very important. Some hosting services have slow servers (especially during peak time) and take long to completely load your website’s pages causing timeouts and downtime. Such issues will cause your visitors to lose patience waiting and therefore leave the website. This simply means that your hosting is one of the main factor that makes a reliable website.

What is a good website in terms of SEO?

Even though most website owners want their websites to be attractive and good looking with a lot of graphics, there should be a balanced mix to satisfy both visitors and search engines. Too many images might not be well considered by search engines. So, what makes a good website are good graphics, interesting content, easy navigation, clean coding and reliable hosting. These stuffs are also very important for your SEO.