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How To Make Money From a Blog?

November 29, 2011, Written by 0 comment

I bet that if you are used to surfing on the internet, you should have already heard about making money online. However, when we hear about something does not mean that we have lived the experience. Commonly used terms like making money on the internet, earn money working online or make money blogging are often being heard yet not many people have been able to get anything to work for them. Thus, I would like to hereby clarify whether it is possible to make money from a blog or not.

Can we earn money online?

For sure, you can! We do have so many ways whereby we could make money online. However, we should be knowledgeable about these ways and use them properly for them to work for us. Some of these methods will only make you some cents which are not worth the try while other methods could bring in some good bucks.

A word of precaution regarding all of these would be ‘Beware of scams’. Scams could be referred to any way people might use to trick you to get your money. There are so many scams online promising you good income if you sign-up for a small fee. It’s true that some such online programs are legitimate while most are just fake methods to steal your money using websites/emails or other means.

How to earn money on the internet?

As already mentioned, there are a lot of ways to make money online and below is a short list for you to have some ideas.

  • Selling your own products/services
  • Get paid to read emails, visit websites, signup to offers or click on banners
  • Freelancing – working through freelancers’ sites like
  • Adsense (PPC)
  • Publishing Banner Ads
  • Various other ways

The most common methods of making money online

Three of the most used methods of making money on the internet are:


Placing Google Adsense code (banners) on your website already receiving a good amount of traffic could be earning good. Operating on PPC (Pay Per Click), you get paid each time a visitor clicks on the banner. The more the number of clicks, the more the profit.

Affiliate Marketing

Another method of earning is through ‘affiliate marketing’ which is the selling of products/services of other people from which you earn a commission. Some well-know affiliate website are Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network and Commission Junction being a CPA network.


One method which is making the news all around is how to make money from a blog (or blogging). Of course, this is require some good work and dedication but blogging really pays in the long-term. In fact, you cannot expect to be earning a decent income from blogging within a few days or weeks but within months and years, you could be making real good. However, blogging should be merged with adsense, affiliates, CPAs etc… so you could make money from your blog.

In this article, I have only outlined some of the most common methods but if you would like to know more or need counsel, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you out.