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How To Promote Your Blog?

December 8, 2011, Written by 0 comment

This article even though entitled ‘how to promote your blog’ can also be used as a guideline to promoting not only your blog but your website, forum or anything that needs to get more visibility on the internet. There are quite a lot of ways and methods but not all can be mentioned through this writing. However, this will be more than enough to start off promoting your blog.

Promoting Through Organic Search Engine Optimization

The best blog promotion strategy could be none other than Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Optimizing your blog or website for better search engine ranking will bring more targeted visitors and thus converts really well. The best part of it though is that this method is completely free! However, your level of SEO expertise will be the determining factor.

Adsense and Other PPC Networks

Another great promotion method is making good use of PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks like Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Clicksor etc… This method is very effective when done correctly. However, you will need to spend some bucks to get your advertising published across the network of publishers.

PPC Networks operate in a way of connecting Advertisers and Publishers. When promoting your website through a PPC Campaign, you, as the Advertiser is able to advertise your website/blog on a number of Publishers’ websites throughout the network. Many among the websites where your advertisements will appear are high traffic sites that could redirect a good number of visitors to your blog/site. PPC is another great way of how to promote your blog that require some initial investment.

Social Networking & Social Bookmarking Sites

Almost every business and individual are making good use of social networks and social bookmarking sites like Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Sphinn, Facebook, Twitter… to promote their businesses, websites, blogs or products and services. The reason behind is that you can use these networks to create your own community of people with common interest thus making it easier for you to market your stuffs and update your potential and existing customers.

How to promote using other blogs and forums?

Blogs and forums are also great methods of promoting your own blog or website. As every other methods, things need to be done properly without spamming around using black-hat and gray-hat strategies. Commenting on other persons’ related blogs will not only allow you to voice out your opinion but to also share your name and website’s link. Writing good comments will attract other visitors of the blog to click and visit your link.

Participating in forum discussions sharing out your expertise and experiences to help other persons with their issues will also show that you have the required knowledge thus making others eager to visit your own blog. It is important to adhere to the forum’s rules and policies so you don’t get banned. You should never try to promote directly into the post but rather make good use of your forum signature. This is where promotion can be made. However, be careful not to place in more than one or two links.

Promoting using articles and videos

These are two incredibly powerful and highly impacting online marketing and promotion strategies. Writing and publishing quality articles on various high traffic ‘Article Directories’ will surely bring along some visitors to your website. As a rule of thumb, never write to promote but rather write interesting and relevant articles and only use the ‘resource box’ to promote your website, blog or products. Two of the main article sites are Ezinearticles and Goarticles among many other ones.

Promoting through videos is another cool method you should use. People will be more likely to enjoy watching a video than reading a lot of words, phrases and paragraphs. Creating videos should not be difficult as you can simply use a digital camera to record your videos. However, you should always make it nice enough and share interesting information so that people may enjoy it and eventually visit your site.

The above were only a few of the methods of ‘how to promote your blog’. Other methods will include web directories, link exchange, list building, newsletters, autoresponders, landing pages and a lot more without naming the offline methodologies which is beyond this post…