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Increase Views on Youtube

December 21, 2012, Written by 0 comment

Many are concerned about getting a lot of views on their newly uploaded video. This is surely awesome having created and published a nice video on YouTube but the most exciting about it is to get as many viewers as possible. However, very often many are frustrated that after all the excitement and hard work to get their video online, they get very few viewers. This article is intended to help you increase views on your YouTube videos.

Get More Views On YouTube

After having spent some good time creating and uploading your nice video clip, you are now wanting above everything to get maximum views on your YouTube video. Let me try to point out some little tips which will help you increase views on Youtube.

Once your video is ready, the first thing you will need to do is to optimize your video details so that it could rank well in YouTube Search as well as Google Search (videos are now included and ranked in SERPs). Carefully write a good title, descriptions and keywords based on what people are looking for. If this is done right, your video will automatically receive a lot of organic traffic.

Now that your optimization phase is completed, email your friends and contacts and let them know that you’ve just uploaded a new video so you can start getting at least a few views for a start as at least some of them will go and have a look at it. While doing so, also don’t forget to share the link on Social Networks which will surely drive in some more viewers to your video.

There also exist some YouTube Traffic Exchange websites that will send you views if you watch some of their videos. This means that you watch videos of others to receive views in return.

Some website also offer you with the option of purchasing YouTube Views. This is also very interesting but you will need to be careful as not all of them are legitimate.

Now if you want to get even further, then it is time to dive into marketing your video across the web and here you will need some expertise to move on but the above will be enough to at least give you a good start!

I hope this writing will help you get started in increasing views on YouTube videos.