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Free Plagiarism Checker

December 20, 2012, Written by 0 comment

I would like to have a word about what Online Plagiarism is and why is it something important for us to understand in all our SEO efforts to get our website to rank well in the Search Engines. Before I will point you to two of the best free plagiarism checker available online, let me briefly explain what is Plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

In as simple as I can; Plagiarism simply means to content duplication or copied content.

With the evolution of the web and the internet, it is quite a bit complex to maintain copyrights on materials and website content. Many people, even though they are not allow to, just copy content/articles from other websites to publish on theirs. This is definitely not legal to do but it’s quite difficult to fight against such. Thus, this is how plagiarism is one of the most important thing to consider while doing SEO.

The Importance of Unique Content

Having a website with a lot of content is great. However, to get ranked well in the search engines, unique content is not important; Unique Content is a MUST! A website without unique content has very poor chance of getting to the top of Google. With the new Google Algorithm being refined again and again, you will simply not make it with plagiarized content. So, how to we deal with this?

Easy – Simply make sure that all content on your website’s pages are unique content, not copied from anywhere but written by yourself or your writer.

Free Plagiarism Checker Tool

It is important that before you publish something on your website, you make sure that the content is unique. The best way to do this is firstly to get the content from proper sources and secondly to do a plagiarism check. The best and easiest way to check for plagiarized content is to use some ‘Free Plagiarism Checker Tools‘ available online.

Two of the best online tool I will recommend are:

  1. Dustball Plagiarism Checker

Another very great software I’ve used to do plagiarism check is Viper. Simply google it for download.

You may understand more about Plagiarism by visiting Wikipedia.