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Guerrilla Marketing

November 22, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Guerrilla MarketingGuerrilla Marketing’ is a term commonly heard of in the area of marketing as well as Internet/Online Marketing. Even though being a famous phrase, many don’t really understand what it is and how to make good use of it. When we don’t properly understand something, it is obvious that we will never be able to make the most out of it but if we do and employs this methodology in the right way, we are sure to benefit a lot from it!

Guerrilla Marketing or Guerilla Marketing?

This term is surely causing some confusion and many are not sure about how to write it down correctly. Some would say Guerrilla Marketing, others Guerilla Marketing or even Gorrilla Marketing but the proper way to spell it is simply Guerrilla Marketing with double ‘r’ and double ‘l’; not single ‘r’.

By definition, Guerrilla Marketing is a term used to describe the methodology of marketing your business, products or services using time, imagination, innovation and energy rather that investing a considerable marketing budget. It might however take more time to see results but these are progressive. This form of marketing relies more on slowly building your brand, customers’ trust and personal care. It is mostly being used by small business and entrepreneur rather than the big names.

Guerrilla Marketing Examples

There are a lot of examples that could be given here but I will keep the list short. Techniques and tactics used in this form of marketing may vary depending on the niches and nature of business/product/service you are targeting. Some examples are brochures, business cards, T-shirts, stickers and many other ways we could guerrilla market. Going door-to-door promoting your products are also part of this kind of marketing techniques.

Since Guerrilla Marketing is based on hard work, imagination and innovation, the techniques used could be innumerable.

Can this form of marketing be used online?

Of course! And this is the reason why the internet keeps growing and expanding so rapidly. Imagination and Innovation are great keys to success especially when it comes to online marketing.