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Yahoo SEO


Yahoo SEO

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization is all about getting websites to the top of the major search engines; Google, Yahoo and/or Bing. It’s true that the amount of traffic you could get from one search engine compared to another might be different but the good news is that the competition to be at the top will also be different. This means that; if you have tried all you could but have never been able to attain the first page of Google, there is still hope for you to get on to Yahoo. We will therefore outline the SEO differences as you target a Yahoo position/ranking in the search results.

Google SEO v/s Yahoo SEO

Yes, they are both search engines and we can optimize our website for both. However, the way Google ranks websites differs from how Yahoo rank them. All the basics elements in doing SEO still remain important. Things like relevant titles, headers, bold text etc… are very important for both Google SEO and Yahoo SEO.

Yahoo SEO Tips

Unlike Google SEO, Yahoo SEO will be more about on-site or on-page optimization compared to Google. Even though being at the top of Google search results will drive in a lot of traffic, it also require more SEO works than Yahoo. For Google, optimizing on-page will not be enough. Getting high quality backlinks and being and having your pages shared on Social Networks really add to your SEO efforts in having a good site’s ranking in the SERPs. But if you want to be to the top of Yahoo, you will need to concentrate your efforts working on-page and if you are good at it, you will get well positioned in the result’ pages even with very few or no backlinks.

Why Targeting Yahoo when Google brings more traffic?

As mentioned above, one of the main reason is lower competition. Moreover, targeting top search engine ranking in Yahoo simply requires much less off-page SEO works but here’s the ‘bestest’ news! As you are getting more and more site’s visitors through Yahoo, Google will realize that your content is good and therefore gives more importance to your site improving its ranking also. It is simply another backdoor entry to get on to Google slowly and silently, via Yahoo optimization.

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  • WT – This is an excellent tips for SEO to better our ranking on Google using Yahoo as backdoor entrance.


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