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Yahoo First Page

September 8, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Almost everyone has been focusing on Google First Page ranking for their websites, blogs or forums. But, what is it about Yahoo? Or even Bing? Or other search engines? Are these all other not worth it? So, will you be opting for Yahoo First Page or Google First Page? Even though it may seems a bit weird to get your website on the first page of Yahoo rather than Google, let’s dig a little deeper and see how we could get the best out of it!

Google v/s Yahoo First Page Ranking

Understand that both Google and Yahoo has a search engine which allow internet surfers to search for information. The best thing about searching online is to get relevant results on the terms you are looking for. Also both Google’s and Yahoo’s search engines are powerful and well-known, Google Search Engine is the most-used search engine around the world. However, this does not mean that no one is using Yahoo when they are looking for information on the internet. For website owners and webmasters, getting to the first page of Google is awesome as this will bring more traffic/visitors to their websites and they can thus benefit from it. This is awesome but what about competition?

Competing for Google First Page

Even though Google First Page is great, the search engine only has 10 available spots on the first page. Don’t forget that there are millions and millions competing for these 10 position. Out of these millions, only 10 will be ranked first page and the rest anywhere after page 1. So, it is obvious that getting to the first page might not be an easy task and many will never be able to get there due to the fierce competition of the keywords you are targeting. There are surely other ways to work your way to the first page of Google but is unfortunately not covered in this article.

Yahoo First Page Position – Why?

Here’s where Yahoo First Page becomes interesting! Since we already have a lot of competitors targeting to be on the first page of Google, website owners and webmasters are much less interested to be ranked by Yahoo. It is sure that Google could be bringing more traffic to your website but getting on Yahoo will still bring some good number of visitors. The good news about Yahoo is that it will be much easier to get there as the number of competitors is much less – They are all after Google so let’s be after Yahoo and reap silently…