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SEO Tips and Tricks

February 20, 2012, Written by 0 comment

There are various methodologies and approach to handling projects. Each SEO person has his own ideas, tips and tricks on how to tackle their website optimization. However, not all methods work well and more importantly, some SEO tips and tricks may work for one website but not for another. This is why it is recommended to hire an SEO Professional at the start of the your website creation rather than during or after the site has been created. Doing so will help into optimizing every part of the site from start to finish and thus includes the use of various SEO tips and tricks when planning the design, layout and features.

Basic On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Here I would like to point out some SEO tips and tricks as far as on-page optimization is concerned.

Behind the scene Optimization

First thing that needs to be optimized is actually the kind of design and layout that you will be using for your site. Many don’t pay attention to these details even though they are extremely important. There should always be a good balance between design/graphics and text (content). Visitors love images and good graphics but search engines love content (text). This is why, from an SEO point of view, it is a must to code the website in a way to please the search engines. The same design can always be coded in many different ways but not all the ways are as search engine friendly as the other. This is one of the important SEO tips and tricks you should not neglect even if visitors will not notice any difference.

Another important part of this is the kind of coding used. Using the minimum lines of code when building your pages will help toward faster page loads. Clean coding will greatly improve the speed of your site and this is advantageous to both visitors and search engines.

Optimizing the Meta Tags and Title Tags

Three of the main tags that has the most SEO concern are the ‘title tag’ and the ‘meta description’ and ‘meta keywords’ tags. Always make sure you link the three. Your targeted keyword phrase for the page should be found in the title tag, in the description and keywords meta tags. Once this is done right, you can move on to optimizing the actual content on-site.

Content Optimization Tips and Tricks

The first part of the content you will need to optimize is the heading (the title of your article). Your page’s main title should be an H1 tag. Moreover, you should only have one H1 on a page so as not to confuse the search engines as an article cannot have two or three main titles. So, use H1 for the main title and H2, H3… H6 for the other sub-titles you may have.

:: Some websites are coded in a way that the site’s name (located in the header) is an H1. If this is so, modify your coding. ::

Unique Content

As a rule of thumb, make sure that your content is fresh and unique. Plagiarism content that does not pass copy-scape will kill your long-term SEO for sure. Never copy and use other website’s content if you don’t want your ranking to drop until disappeared.

How to Optimize your article?

Many will simply go ahead and highlight or bold or underline and italize their targeted keywords. This is important but should not be overdone. Bolding your main keywords once in the first paragraph and two or three more times down the article is simply enough. If you overdo, you will already be using gray-hat SEO tricks without realizing it; good in the short term only.

:: One of the powerful SEO tips and tricks you should make use of for your content optimization is making sub-titles of related searches keywords (formerly known as the WonderWheel). ::

External Links

If you are publishing links to other websites, always make them nofollow. It is also more rewarding to link to high authority websites relevant to your niche.

:: You may also work around with internal links to build page authority that can result in higher PageRank (PR) ::

SEO Tips and Tricks that Pays

If you follow these simple SEO tips and tricks as guidelines as outlined in this article, there is a great chance that your newly published article gets index and ranked within just a couple of days or even hours.

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