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Ecommerce SEO

February 7, 2012, Written by 0 comment

Today I would like to have a quick talk on SEO for Ecommerce websites more often known as Ecommerce SEO. As you may already know, there exists different types of websites; static and dynamic such as sites built on CMS like forums, blogs and directories among others. This definitely also means that conducting SEO on such websites will require different areas of expertise to achieve the goal of a good Search Engine Optimization.

SEO on HTML Websites

Doing the optimization for Search Engines on static HTML websites are quite simple as all the content of the HTML page are located within the page’s coding itself. However, dynamic database-driven websites such as ecommerce sites run completely differently. I firmly believe that a good SEO Expert should be fully understand coding both HTML when optimizing HTML websites but also the other different web languages in which the dynamic site is coded like asp or php etc… This means that the approach to SEO can be quite different depending on the type of website being worked on.

Optimizing Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce SEO could be a daunting task depending on the way the site is coded. The real deal with ecommerce websites is that they run on databases from which they pull their data. This also means that if you go through the page’s coding, you will only see a bunch of weird looking lines of code and not the actual words or content that normally appear on the web page. Therefore, when trying to optimize such coding to suit your SEO requirements, careful attention should be paid so as not to mess up the whole website, especially when the same data are being called on several pages. One simple line being wrongly modified could cause errors and malfunctions on most pages to even the page not showing up at all. So, be knowledgeable and familiar with the web language being used and make sure you don’t mess up the coding. One common mistake that could arise is when changing the URL structures.

SEO Friendly Ecommerce Tips

Here’s some simple yet very important tips/hints when doing Ecommerce SEO.

Since Ecommerce websites sell products and services and very often these items are also being sold on other different websites, most tend to have the same product description and customer reviews. From an SEO point of view, this actually represents a real issue. The reason being duplicate content across various domains. Unique content is an important factor in SEO as well as in Ecommerce SEO and products’ description and reviews should be well re-written, plagiarism-free to make it through.