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What Is An Email Campaign?


An Email Campaign – What is it? If you are connected to the online world, then you should have heard about email campaigns or email marketing which is an important aspect of digital/online marketing. Simple as it may seem, an email campaign involves a number of tasks and know-how for it to be a successful email campaign.

So, What Is An Email Campaign?

An Email Campaign is none other than all the associated tasks that are required to successfully send out a message by email to a list of recipients. This will include getting a list of email addresses, writing a good email, optimizing for inbox delivery and the follow-ups of the results obtained.

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Creating An Email Marketing List

Before you can blast an email to your list, you will first need to have that list. The best way to create an email list is by offering a subscribe form on your website which will encourage interested visitors to fill in their info so they stay updated about your products and services. To push your marketing strategy further in order to get more people to sign-up to your list, simply offer an interesting ebook or access to a premium video or link. Once a visitor on your website subscribe and confirm their email address, they are then on your email marketing list as a potential buyer of your products and services.

Optimizing Your Email

When writing the email that will go to your subscribers, there are two main things you have to have in mind.

First – you need to write a convincing message with an offer or promotion that will interest your readers so they may click on your links.

Second – the email should be written so it gets passed spam filters of the email servers and ends in the recipients’ inbox.

This means that you email’s copy-writing should be free of spam words and at the same time interesting and attracting to readers.

Once your email is blasted to your list of subscribers, you may start monitoring the number of emails that were opened, clicked and the results obtained.

Effective Email Marketing

To make your Email Campaign an ‘Effective Email Marketing‘; build your list, write and optimize your email and monitor the results. Then, analyse and refine your strategy to make things work even better on your next campaign.

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