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How To Search In Search Engine?

August 2, 2013, Written by 0 comment

The Search Engine really help us find answers to a lot of questions we have. However, to get precise answers to our questions, it is important to know how to search in the Search Engines. Even though there is a long list of Search Engines, internet users have a preference for Google.

Search Engine Definition

What is a Search Engine? A Search Engine is a web application that uses a user’s data to browse through their indexed web pages to give a list of relevant results. Prior to this, internet pages are crawled by Search Engine bots before they are saved.

How To Search In Google?

To search for information online using Google s quite simple. However, there are also advanced search operators that can be used for advanced searches.

To make your search, simply open your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera) and type in in your address bar. This may automatically change to your country’s google site. Once the site is loaded, type in your search criteria and hit enter. The next page will display relevant web pages based on your search terms.

Advanced Searches

Search in Google can however go far beyond than just entering a search criteria. There are a couple of Boolean operators and other advanced methods for searching in Google. These include the following:

  • + , – (adding and removing a search term)
  • AND , OR (searching with an And or an OR critera)
  • “search term” (the use of double quote)
  • file:.doc (searching for a specific file type)
  • search term (search through a specific website)
  • inurl:search term (pages containing the search term in the url)
  • intitle:search term (page title having the search term)
  • (links from other sites pointing to the domain)

A wise use of the different search methods may give you more specific results as an advanced user.