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Why Google First Page

August 25, 2011, Written by 0 comment

It is a known fact that most website owners are targeting Google First Page. Needless to say that the competition is really tough in some niches and maybe less in others. However, even though tough, you can still target your market using SEO and other kind of marketing strategies and be at the top.

Your Website on First Page of Google

The main reason to get a website on the first page of Search Engines is definitely ‘Traffic‘. However, to achieve this goal, the right keywords and keyword phrases should be the ones that internet surfers are actually looking for. Getting on Google First Page with the above done right will surely guarantee a lot of interested visitors to your website. Hence, the products and services you are willing to offer can easily be sold to these highly targeted and interested potential customers.

Google First Page Profit

Does Google First Page ranking also means more profits and revenue to the business?

For sure, the answer is YES! Getting Google First Page traffic to your website compared to second or third page can enormously increase your website revenue and bring more business and profits. In addition to selling your own products and services, you can also sell your advertising spaces and/or affiliate products. As many will agree to, when you have traffic (visitors), the money will follow.

Organic Search Visitors and other Traffic Sources

The main difference between visitors coming to your website through search engines organic searches and other visitors who comes through backlinks and comments is that the search engines like Google will be more targeted. This is simply because these visitors are directed to your website based on your site’s content and information as that is what they typing in Traffic from other sources are also great but some may not be as highly targeted as the ones from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Looking for First Page Google Traffic?

Even though the competition, it is still doable to get on Google First Page. However, hiring a good SEO Consultant to do the SEO from scratch could be a good start to surely get you to the desired ranking/position in the Search Engine, mainly Google!