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What Is Keyword Stuffing?

August 14, 2013, Written by 0 comment

Keyword Stuffing – What is Keyword Stuffing?

If you have been involved in the optimization of your website or have been reading books and articles about SEO, you have most probably come across the term ‘keyword stuffing’.

Search Engine Optimization of a website always starts with a good keyword research. Once the main keyword or keyword phrase of a page has been selected, it is normally time to optimize the page. This is where many inexperienced SEO Experts fail as they employ what is known as the ‘Keyword Stuffing‘ technique for their optimization.

Keyword Stuffing – Unethical SEO Technique

Keyword Stuffing is an unethical SEO technique used to optimize a page by inserting the main keyword or keyword phrase too many times. Some will even write the keyword phrase several time on the page in the same color as the background so it is not seen by the readers. However, the search engines are clever enough to detect such.

This technique which is not at all recommended implies two main issues:

  1. The content seems spammy to readers as the keyword is repeated too often throughout the page.
  2. Search Engines, especially Google, will take the content of the page for spam and not rank it well in the search results.

Years ago, keyword stuffing was not an issue and was acceptable. However, with the more intelligent and highly advanced Search Engine algorithm, keyword stuffing is unacceptable and will not allow you to go far in your Search Engine Optimization.

Only use white-hat and ethical SEO techniques for your website to see great results in the long-term. Never use keyword stuffing or any other kind of unethical technique on any of your pages.