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Website Traffic

November 15, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Today I have tried to squeeze some time to write a little bit about website traffic. In fact, this is the main focus of this website being an SEO Consultancy firm. So, through this article, I would like to define the term ‘website traffic‘ and some other closely related terms which will help us better understand this area as well as website optimization in general.

Website Traffic refers to internet visitors coming to a website. The more visitors received also means the more popular the website is. These visitors are also the potential customers/clients of the products and services offered by the site. If you had understand what have just been said, then you will also understand that the more website traffic you receive, the more sales you could be generating. However, this term really means all type of traffic and many of these visitors might not be interested into anything found on your website. This is where it is important for us to understand another key term…

Targeted Website Traffic

Receiving a great amount of website traffic is awesome! But what about ‘targeted website traffic‘!

Targeted visitors/traffic are those visitors whom we are targeting to offer the website’s products/services. For example; if my website is selling mobile phones, I will not be willing to receive visitors looking to buy clothes. In other words, this is not what I’m targeting through the website. Targeted traffic are thus visitors who are actually looking for what the website is offering. This also means that the more ‘targeted website traffic‘ I receive, the more sales I could be making. This is however one major factor of how to generate sales but there are a few of them.

Sources of Website Traffic

Website Traffic could be coming from many different sources out of which some are targeted while others are simply non-targeted. This can also be dependent on where the visitors are coming from. Needless to say that search engines traffic are the most targeted ones if the website pages have been properly optimized using the right keywords. Even though these are great sources, there are also a lot of other origins where visitors might be coming from like forum communities, links & shares on Social Networks, blog comments, web and articles directories as well as video sites to name a few.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

You can simply use what are stated in the above paragraph to have some ideas of the different sources for traffic. Thus, you can concentrate on each one at a time to help built links on other websites, blogs and forums where people can click through to be re-directed to your website. Selecting niche related sources will add to more targeted traffic to your website. Some other ways of driving more web traffic is through email marketing, landing pages and SEO using long-tail keyword phrases.

I hope you have enjoyed and made good use of this writing!