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Ranking in Google Search

March 22, 2013, Written by 0 comment

Every website and online business owners have one goal in mind and that is ‘Ranking in Google Search‘ which also means ‘maximum exposure and online visibility‘. Why is it so? Well, simply because if their main keywords which are those that will drive business is well ranked in the Search Engines, then their business are sure to go on well. But with all the fierce competition online, the right methodologies and strategies should applied if we want to really succeed on the internet.

Why Everyone Wants To Rank in Google

This is no doubt about it as to why most, if not all, want to rank in Google Search rather than in any other search engines. The reason is simple…

Google is the number one search engines and delivers the maximum searches all over the world. So, being well ranked in Google Search also means that your website’s pages will be more visible to many more potential visitors and hence the opportunity for more traffic and conversion on your website is considerably increased.

How To Get Ranked Well In The SERPs

This is what everyone wants to know. Getting our content to rank well is not impossible but will require some good work behind the scene. One of the most important step to this is to maintain good, quality, unique and fresh content on your website all the time. Even though it might take some time for your content to be at the top, you should not focus on just this part of your SEO/Marketing efforts. Don’t forget that ‘videos’ are also included in Google Search Results. So, why not create some great videos and publish them on YouTube with a good title, description and tags. In 2013, creating videos is not a difficult task to do. There is no need to spend a lot of money paying a professional unless you have the money to do it but you may simply use a mobile phone or digital camera and record something great like a nice presentation of your business or products, a related event, a special offer or anything good related to your website.

Now you not only have your website content to try to get ranked but you can create videos as well. What about articles? On your website itself, especially if you have a blog or on the major article sites!

Sure there are a lot of other ways but I just wanted to focus a little bit on the video potential in this article. Don’t forget to also have a look at my other article on ‘how to get to the top of Google‘. I hope it helps 🙂