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Page Title SEO

March 29, 2013, Written by 0 comment

As you should already know if you are in the SEO world, a successful SEO campaign starts with a good on-page optimization. Though this includes various aspects of the site, I will today focus on the importance and ‘how-to’ of ‘Page Title SEO‘; that is, how to properly optimize the title of your page to rank better in the search engines.

Optimizing Your Page Title

Just to refresh your mind, it is much better to target only one or maybe two closely related keyword phrases per page. This is very important as it shows the search engines that the page is about a specific content.

Now, you should know that the page title is located within the title tag and appears in the coding like this:

<title>Your Page Title Here</title>

The above tag should contain a brief title that clearly outlines what the page’s content is about. Don’t stuff in a lot of keywords in there. This will mess up everything as the search engines are much more intelligent now. I will recommend keeping the length of your page title to 60-65 characters so that you are sure all the wordings are picked up on indexing. People from UK may view our SEO Packages for UK.

Once you have defined and written a properly optimized title and of course adding an optimized meta description and keywords which is beyond this writing, it is also important to write a good related title for the page. This time I’m not talking about the title tag but rather the title that will appear as the main heading on the page. It should be well related to the title tag and content of the page and be placed within the main heading tag which is an h1 which appear in the coding as follows:

<h1>Page Content Title</h1>

Note: It is recommended to only use one h1 tag on a page as it represents the main title.

The title tag and the h1 tag need not be the same but should be closely related.

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