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How to set up a blog

August 9, 2011, Written by 0 comment

There are definitely multiply ways of how to set up a new blog. Many have been heading to starting up their blogs using free blog services like, etc… This article will however be focusing on setting up your blog on your own hosting using your very own domain name. You may view the article ‘How to set up a new website or blog‘ to do the above.
Let’s now get into the subject of how to set up a blog.

WordPress has already proven to be a powerful, well-known and recommended blog system of choice. It is also a fact that search engines just love blogs built using WordPress. So, we will be using WordPress as our blog platform. At this point, you should have already acquired your domain name and hosting to proceed with the blog installation.

How to set up a blog using WordPress?

It is not a difficult task if you know what you are doing. There are almost different ways of setting up your WordPress blog using automated scripts installer via your hosting control panel or you may also do the set up manually.

Set up WordPress Blog using Cpanel

You can easily install your WordPress blog using Cpanel (Hosting Control Panel) provided by most hosting providers. Simply login to your Cpanel with the link, username and password given by your hosting company and click on ‘site software’ (hosting offering other control panels might be different). You will then be able to manage the software (here you will need to choose WordPress) you want to install. Note that you will simply have to select WordPress and enter the required information in the form and the WordPress blog will be automatically installed for you on the domain you have selected.

How to set up WordPress blog manually?

The first step is to download the latest version of WordPress from and upload the compressed file on your hosting via ftp or file manager. Now, from the file manager (in your hosting panel), extract/decompile the compressed archived in the root of the domain you want to set up your blog. Create a database and insert the related information in the installation form provided when you type in your website address into your browser after all the files have been extracted. Click on ‘install’ and you are done!

Finalizing your blog set up

After successful installation of your blog, go to to sign-in to your WordPress Dashboard (WordPress Admin) using the details you entered during the set up process. You will then be presented with the Control Panel used for customizing your blog.

Adding your first blog post

You can start adding articles to your new blog by clicking on ‘Add New’ in the ‘Posts’ section. You will have an easy-to-use interface to write and style your articles to be published.

WordPress is very powerful and there are a lot of customization and tweaking that can be done to satisfy your business needs. However, these are not covered in this writing but just how to set up a blog.