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How to get your Website on Google?

July 7, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Webmasters, website owners, affiliate marketers are want to know one thing and I bet you too want to know how to get your website on google? They want their websites, blog posts, articles and pages to be noticed by the search engines. Even though there are many search engines out there, the three remains dominant; Google, Yahoo and Bing. Still, Google stays the number one search engine among all.

Is you website being noticed by Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Oh, it is something evident that many want their sites to be noticed by Google but the real question is; Do their websites capture Google’s attention?  So, you should be asking yourself; how to your website on Google! We all want to be at the top of the search engines result pages but does Google loves our site and its content?
There are great competitions between websites owners and webmasters trying to make Google fall in love with their sites so that they are ranked on Google first page. If this is the case, they are sure to become successful and profitable online and this is the objective of so many…

How to get your Website on Google?

Here’s where the world of internet traffic, search engine optimization, web marketing, bum marketing and social media come into play.
During those recent years, several more aspects of internet marketing have been developed especially when it comes to Bum/Articles marketing, SEO, Social Media and Video marketing. Webmasters are trying to use all types of internet media to get Google’s attention. However, to really succeed into this competitive world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and e-marketing, we firstly need to properly understand what the Search Engines are looking for in order to rank your site higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Without this knowledge, it will be practically impossible to get your website; whether personal or commercial; blog or forums to be ranked well. Let me quickly name some essential keys to get you well on your way to conquer the heart of Google and other search engines making them fall in love with your websites, blogs and forums. Let’s see how we can get on Google (or how to get your website on Google) through SEO on-site…

The power of on-page SEO

Before adventuring into off-page SEO, it is crucial to optimize on-page. Optimization on-page is a good start with your website SEO project and should never be neglected. If this is not done right, you will end up striving for very poor results.

  1. Keyword Research – This is the first and most important phase of your SEO. If this is not properly handled, you already run the risk of not being noticed by the Search Engines and hence they will never fall in love with your site.
  2. Website structure, layout, coding and metas – Your site should be SEO friendly with the right page name, titles, meta tags, alt and overall layout and coding. The site’s coding should be very clean and the layout’s coding well structured so the search engines’ bots do not get confused while visiting/crawling your website. The proper use of the different html tags and right application of scripts & CSS are all as important.
  3. Unique content – If you want your site to be noticed, it will have to be different to others. Publishing unique content and quality content is a must! Don’t just use other people’s or other website’s articles but rather create your own unique content.

I’ve tried to divide on-page SEO into the above three main parts to make things easier to understand. However, it involves lots of works and knowledge to get things done the way it should.

As a word of caution: if you don’t know about SEO, don’t try or you’ll get your website off Google and into trouble.

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