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Guaranteed SEO Services

January 23, 2012, Written by 0 comment

Today I would like to share my opinion about what we have all heard about and see how far it is true or not when talking about “Guaranteed SEO Services“. For those who are not so used to such terms, we are referring to Search Engine Optimization Services and SEO companies that promise to deliver a certain level of result.

Can SEO Companies Guarantee the results?

Needless to say that you will not find, not even one company that will tell you they are unable to deliver the work. In addition to this, some SEO companies or SEO Experts might even guarantee you of the outcome of their optimization. It’s true that one’s expertise, skills and experience might say a lot and help us to get an idea of what we can expect but can a 100% guarantee be given when it comes to the Search Engine Optimization world?

The key point here is that the one who will have the final say about the outcome of the optimization whether in terms of ranking or the keywords being ranked for are the Search Engines. If all the SEO works and results were all dependent upon the company’s skills, all guarantees could have have been promised and work delivered to clients without fail but unfortunately, things are not this way. However, even though 100% guarantee cannot be given on SEO services, we can surely guarantee whether the outcome will be satisfactory or not based on certain criteria.

How to Guarantee SEO Results

Guaranteeing SEO results at 100% is impossible but we could have an idea of what to expect based on several factors.

Domain Name

The domain name of the SEO project is an important aspect of the optimization results we could expect. If the domain name is highly related, or even better if it consists of the main keywords within the name, the results we can expect will surely be great.

Website Coding

The quality of the site’s coding is another important aspect that can better the results. Thus, this should also be taken into consideration before guaranteeing outcome. Making W3C validated web pages is surely a great thing.

Number of Competitors

Low competition is definitely a great advantage that can result into a very successful SEO Campaign. However, if the competition is too high, ‘Guaranteed SEO Services‘ like guaranteeing Google First Page or Position 1 is not likely to happen.

From just the above, it is clear that ‘Guaranteed SEO Services’ can never be 100% accurate. So, here’s the deal:

Is it a scam? Or simply, the best though-provoking promise to reap in a lot of clients who will end up deceived…