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Google Social Network

July 27, 2011, Written by 0 comment

During these recent few weeks, there has been a lot of talks and thoughts about what’s going to happen in the next few months with the ‘Google Social Network‘ coming into the game and the world of Social Media. Will this new Social site survives the competition? Google Plus, Google+ or Google Plus One (Google+1) are the different terms actually being used to refer to the new Social Network Site being developed and and made available by Google.

Google Plus One (Google+1) Social Network

It seems that Google is coming against all the other social networks like facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedIn etc…

Even though still in development phase, with a beta version of Google Social Network accessible at, it already has most of the features to make it one of the top social site. This is in fact, a major concern for companies, websites’ owners and webmasters who rely heavily on social media for their marketing, site’s ranking, page rank, backlinks, PPC campaigns, search results…

Which Social Network – Facebook or Google Plus?

Another major concern is who between the two Social networks, Facebook or Google Plus, will be number one in social networking in the months/years to come. We all know that the introduction of Facebook has caused a major shift in social media & internet marketing and Facebook has become one of the main online marketing place for many affiliate and business owners to get their products and services known. Will Google Plus be able to cope with his competitor; the well-established number one social networking site?

Who will take over Social Media?

This is my personal opinion as to who will take over and rule the social media world though I may not be 100% accurate. It’s true that the Facebook Social Network has been around for some good time allowing to settle itself and build a large number of members and customers especially with their PPC services. However, Facebook is only powerful in social media marketing compared to Google which already owns the major search engine, offers email services, blogs, sites, PPC among many other. Now with the implementation of its social network (that’s what was lacking), Google Social Network, these services will be all accessible through Google Plus One. In other word, people will be more keen to stay with Google+ because of the many services in one place. Moreover, Google Social Site has already break the record of 40 millions members in a very small length of time.

Changes in Social Networks and Marketing

It is a bit too early to say anything since the Google Plus Network is still on testing stage. God knows what other innovative services they will be coming up with against their competitors. But within the 6-12 months to come, we should definitely see everyone talking about Google+ than any other Social Networking sites out there as I believe that Google Social Network will be providing a wider range of features and services.