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Google Penguin Recovery

February 15, 2013, Written by 0 comment

Google Penguin Recovery has been the major talk for the last weeks among webmasters and website owners. Since Google’s last search algorithm update, known as the ‘penguin update’ many websites has been hit and lost ranking in the search engine results page. This also means lost of visitors, lost of sales and eventually lost of profit. Now, the main concern of all hit by the penguin update is ‘how to recover from the latest Google Penguin Update’ and get their website going again.

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Needless to say that many website owners, affiliate marketers and webmasters are all a little worried whenever Google updates its search algorithm. However, these updates are essential to maintain search quality and fight against spams.

Exact Match Domains

This latest update has everything to do with EMD – Exact Match Domain. Since a lot of affiliates try to use exact match domain names to get to the top in the search results even though they published low quality content or spun content on their websites, this was dealt with in this last update. You will only survive in the search results with good quality content.

Quality Backlinks

Another important thing dealt with in the last algorithm update is the problem of backlinks. Many website owners were just spamming all forums, blogs and directories only for the sake of having a lot of links pointing back to their website. The only problem is that most of these links are poor quality links where some are paid ones. What Google is looking for however, is high quality natural links instead and thus many websites have been hit as such.

How To Make Sure Your Website Is Not Hit Again By Penguin

It is important to SEO your website in a way that even though the algorithm are updated, your sites are not penalized. So, how to do this? Be simply ethical and only use white-hat SEO principles in everything you do be it on-site optimization, off-site marketing, posting comments, creating backlinks and everything else. Don’t overdo on your keywords, anchor text, backlinks and optimization in general. This way you are sure to make it through the next Google Algorithm Update.