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Where Is Mauritius?


Where Is Mauritius?

Where is Mauritius? – This is a simple question that has come across the mind of most people who have just heard about Mauritius. Most of the time, they should have heard of the island of Mauritius as being a paradise island – Sea, Sand & Sun! But where is Mauritius found?

So, this is where we are located and I wanted to give you a quick idea of our country so you may know from where your website SEO and web design are being handled.

Where Is Mauritius Situated?

If you will take a traditional world map to look for where Mauritius is located, you might not even find it if you don’t know where it is approximately situated. Why? Simply because Mauritius is a very small island surrounded by the deep blue sea of the ocean.

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean to the east of the African continent and Madagascar, somewhere close to Reunion Island and Rodrigues (owned by Mauritius). It is a tiny tropical island with warm temperature almost all the time during the year with only summer and winter seasons. The beaches and seasides are exceptionally awesome! A great paradise for your holidays!

You may have more information about the weather in Mauritius at the Mauritius Meteorological Station Website.


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