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VW/Audi TDI Starting Issues (No Start Issue)


Your VW/Audi TDI is not starting all of a sudden??

OR sometimes starts and sometimes not??

Good news to all Mauritians TDI owners:
We have the solution!!

This is currently a very common problems that many VW and Audi TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) owners will face. You start your car fine and go for a round and then suddenly the car will stop and when you try to start it again it will only crank but never start the engine. A lot of mechanics have NOT been able to diagnose and fix such problems and have caused a lot of owners to spend huge amount of money rebuilding the engines or changing the whole engine to end up with the very same issue again.

If you have such problems with your TDI; sometimes it will start by chance and sometimes not; contact us as we have the solution. We can fix this issue. So, don’t delay and get your TDI running smoothly again!

If you are in Mauritius and have such problems; don’t delay, call us now for your TDI repair.


2 Comments to “VW/Audi TDI Starting Issues (No Start Issue)”

  • WT
    VW Golf 1.2 TSI yr 2012 7 speed DSG automatic transmission box

    Problem with the teansmission box. Can you direct me towards any mechanic who can diagnosize and /or repair the transmission box

    Thanks & regards

    • Hi Richard. Please let me know the symptoms you are having with your car. I might be able to advise you myself or can surely put you in contact with a good mechanic.


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