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Cheap Chinese Dual Sim Phones


We have recently seen a great increase in the production of cell phones and smartphones from China compared to the previous years. This has been the result of cheaper labor and cost of production than anywhere else. Needless to say that today China is one of the largest manufacturer of electronic products including cell phones, smartphones and tablet pc.

What about prices and quality of Chinese Phones?

Buying mobile phones from China may give you good or bad surprises.

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Why so?
Simply because we have different grade level of products and some could be quality products as others are just pieces of crap. One of the key factor to consider when buying a Chinese mobile phone is surely its price. Cheaper price could mean cheaper quality but this is not always true.

There exists a number of reputable Chinese brand being sold at very good prices that are quality and reliable products. Moreover, they do have all the day-to-day features you will need in a phone like dual sim card support, wifi, bluetooth etc… I have personally purchased and used a lot of Chinese cell phones, smartphones and tablets from China manufacturers which have proven to be real good for their price and I have therefore created a list of mobile phones priced under $100 that are really worth buying.

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