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In this writing, I will be pointing out some very important search engine optimization techniques or SEO tactics which, if  they are well implemented, will surely bring you a decent number of visitors to your site through organic searches. Each of the named step needs to be done the right way if you want to […]


How to set up a blog

There are definitely multiply ways of how to set up a new blog. Many have been heading to starting up their blogs using free blog services like, etc… This article will however be focusing on setting up your blog on your own hosting using your very own domain name. You may view the […]


The how-to install WordPress theme is not difficult at all but sure enough you will need to know how to do it so that you don’t mess up your site. Before going into the WP template install process, let’s first clearly understand what a WordPress them is. WordPress Theme A WordPress theme is simply a […]


Google Social Network

During these recent few weeks, there has been a lot of talks and thoughts about what’s going to happen in the next few months with the ‘Google Social Network‘ coming into the game and the world of Social Media. Will this new Social site survives the competition? Google Plus, Google+ or Google Plus One (Google+1) […]


Improve Google Ranking

This is definitely something everyone is looking for; what to do to improve Google ranking of his website? Instead of giving out some tips right away, I think it will be a good idea to explain what ranking means here and to also point out some common mistakes many are doing in trying to get […]


Webmasters, website owners, affiliate marketers are want to know one thing and I bet you too want to know how to get your website on google? They want their websites, blog posts, articles and pages to be noticed by the search engines. Even though there are many search engines out there, the three remains dominant; […]


With the new era of technology and online facilities, many are trying to have an online presence through various online means. This includes setting up a business website to promote their companies’ products and services or simply creating a personal blog to to share about their interests and passions. This is one of the reasons […]


Today, wherever you are online, you will somehow, somewhere come across a banner advertisement about web hosting services. If companies are advertising a product, this means that there is a market ready for it. Hosting services are directly related to websites. All websites, whether big or small, beautiful or ugly, interesting or bored, need web […]


What do we need to know about internet traffic… as this has now become a major concern for all online business owners! They are all online looking for traffic so as to be able to face their competitors and be successful in their endeavor. Does internet traffic helps in our online success? From traditional prospects […]

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