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“Digital Marketing Mauritius” is a term that has commonly been searched for recently by people looking for digital marketing services and/or digital marketing agencies online. This subject has been the centre of many organisations which are constantly trying to expand their business reach or simply trying to withstand the competition. Not to forget that in […]


Web Designing and Website Creation have evolved in Mauritius in the last couple of years. Web Design Mauritius is becoming more and more demanding from both Mauritian Business owners as well as website owners from other countries. One of the main reason is that prices are lower and people can get their website for cheaper. […]


Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test, which was not as important a couple of years ago has now proven to be something very demanding in our everyday life. Why are we all so concerned about our internet speed and why do we want to test our connections? The internet has become part of our daily life. More and […]


Before going ahead into marketing your business online, it’s important to first have a website that will represent your brand and business. One way to go is using a commonly used CMS like WordPress which will make your website creation and future updates quite simple. Building a website with WordPress or any other Content Management […]


What Is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword Stuffing – What is Keyword Stuffing? If you have been involved in the optimization of your website or have been reading books and articles about SEO, you have most probably come across the term ‘keyword stuffing’. Search Engine Optimization of a website always starts with a good keyword research. Once the main keyword or […]


How Do I Pay With Paypal?

‘How do I pay with Paypal‘ is an article written to help internet newbies and those who would like to order items online understand how to use Paypal as a method of payment. Before we guide you into how to order your products and services, let’s first look into what Paypal is and why use […]


Where Is Mauritius?

Where is Mauritius? – This is a simple question that has come across the mind of most people who have just heard about Mauritius. Most of the time, they should have heard of the island of Mauritius as being a paradise island – Sea, Sand & Sun! But where is Mauritius found? So, this is […]


The Search Engine really help us find answers to a lot of questions we have. However, to get precise answers to our questions, it is important to know how to search in the Search Engines. Even though there is a long list of Search Engines, internet users have a preference for Google. Search Engine Definition […]


What Is An Email Campaign?

An Email Campaign – What is it? If you are connected to the online world, then you should have heard about email campaigns or email marketing which is an important aspect of digital/online marketing. Simple as it may seem, an email campaign involves a number of tasks and know-how for it to be a successful […]


Online Marketing And SEO

The whole of this website is in some way or the other related to Online Marketing and SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. (Mauritian Website Owners kindly check our SEO Mauritius Offer Offer). Today, I won’t be that long but will like to remind you of some of the good articles already available on […]

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