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Google Penguin Recovery

Google Penguin Recovery has been the major talk for the last weeks among webmasters and website owners. Since Google’s last search algorithm update, known as the ‘penguin update’ many websites has been hit and lost ranking in the search engine results page. This also means lost of visitors, lost of sales and eventually lost of […]


Every website owner/webmaster is concerned about their website traffic statistics. This is because, the reason a website is published is to enable maximum people to access and view the information shared. In some way or the other, the more visitors on the website will probably also mean more potential customers and profit, hence the reason […]


SEO 2013

We are now in 2013 and many of us are already preparing, planning and looking forward to their websites’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO in 2013 is definitely a must if you want to succeed online as most of your competitors are doing all they can to have better online visibility. So, what are your […]


Many are concerned about getting a lot of views on their newly uploaded video. This is surely awesome having created and published a nice video on YouTube but the most exciting about it is to get as many viewers as possible. However, very often many are frustrated that after all the excitement and hard work […]


I would like to have a word about what Online Plagiarism is and why is it something important for us to understand in all our SEO efforts to get our website to rank well in the Search Engines. Before I will point you to two of the best free plagiarism checker available online, let me […]


Mauritius SEO

I just want to quickly update you about how things are going for me within the last couple of weeks as far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for customers in Mauritius is concerned. As you already know, I work mainly with non-Mauritian SEO customers around the world mainly US, Australia, UK and Europe and on […]


Google Search Tips

Most of us use Google everyday or almost everyday to search for information on the internet. Because this is part of our common life style, I would like to outline some Google Search Tips that will surely help you along the way while doing your web searches. Knowing the ins and outs of Google Searches […]


Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO is quite an interesting topic especially when compared to large-size businesses’ SEO campaigns. A Search Engine Optimization Project could involve several other related services. SEO actually refers to the complete on-page only optimization tasks. However, to make of it a successful campaign, it will need to be merged with related services as […]


SEO Tips and Tricks

There are various methodologies and approach to handling projects. Each SEO person has his own ideas, tips and tricks on how to tackle their website optimization. However, not all methods work well and more importantly, some SEO tips and tricks may work for one website but not for another. This is why it is recommended […]


Ecommerce SEO

Today I would like to have a quick talk on SEO for Ecommerce websites more often known as Ecommerce SEO. As you may already know, there exists different types of websites; static and dynamic such as sites built on CMS like forums, blogs and directories among others. This definitely also means that conducting SEO on […]

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