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How To Find How Many Hits A Website Gets


Every website owner/webmaster is concerned about their website traffic statistics. This is because, the reason a website is published is to enable maximum people to access and view the information shared. In some way or the other, the more visitors on the website will probably also mean more potential customers and profit, hence the reason why most are concerned and want to know how to find how many hits a website gets.

What To Use To Track Visitors

There are a number of available tools and scripts that can be used to find out the number of hits and visitors to a website but in this article we will only cover the main ones.

Hosting Control Panel Stats

Most hosting will provide a control panel for the user to make changes and do configurations. The provided control panel, which most of the time is the famous Cpanel, already have built-in modules which allow the website owner to find information about traffic to his website. Modules like ‘Latest Visitors’, ‘Awstats’, ‘Webalizer’ and ‘Logs’ definitely provide a lot of details about website hits and visitors. In addition, information like visitor countries, search criteria and referrer urls are also provided as well as time and date of each access. Note that some of the above tool will provide both server queries and visits altogether which is the reason why many are more keen to use Google Analytics. So, the first place you could go to get to find out how many visits your website is receiving is your hosting control panel.

Google Analytics

Another great tool to find how many hits or visits a website is receiving is Google Analytics. It is free to use and provide very useful information and SEO information. This is definitely one of the best web analytic software you can use. However, unlike hosting module where you don’t need to install anything on your website, with Google Analytics you will first need an account where you will need to add your website. Once done, you will be given some lines of code to insert in your website’s pages for tracking purposes. After you have validated the code, you may start monitoring your site’s search queries, hits and visits via the analytics dashboard.

Third Party Tracking

There are a lot of other scripts and website that offer analytics; some for free and other for a fee. Some are them are sites like Piwik, Woopra, Clicky and a lot more.

If you need help setting up your analytics code, feel free to let us know.

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